Grimaldi Forum to be major power producer for Monaco’s new eco-district

Photo: Grimaldi Forum
Photo: Grimaldi Forum

The Grimaldi Forum and the Monaco Electricity and Gas Company (SMEG) have worked in partnership for a number of years in favour of energy transition. This partnership continues this year with the upcoming installation of a photovoltaic production plant on the roof of the building.

This major project is part of the proactive policy of the Government of Monaco, which has implemented a financial incentive measure for the production of photovoltaic electricity and an online solar cadastre.

The photovoltaic installation on the Grimaldi Forum will be installed and operated by SMEG through the signature of a “SunE” contract. The Grimaldi Forum’s 2,470 sqm solar power station will be the largest in size and power in the Principality – its 600 MWh of annual production is the equivalent of the electricity consumed by a hundred dwellings – making the centre of congresses and Monaco culture the number-one producer of green energy in the Principality.

The operation is an anticipation of the integration of the Grimaldi Forum within the eco-district of the future extension at sea, the urbanisation that will see a reclaimed area emerge of six hectares. The Grimaldi Forum solar power plant will supply green electricity to this complex, a concrete example of the National Pact that the Sovereign Prince wants.

The Grimaldi Forum, which has been ISO 14001 certified since October 2008 and has thus long been involved in energy transition, is fully committed to this progress and is contributing without delay to the Principality’s ambitious objectives.


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