Great underwater clean-up this weekend

Photo:  The Plastic Oceans Foundation/David Jones
Photo: The Plastic Oceans Foundation/David Jones

RAMOGE is joining forces with SOS Grand Bleu in a morning cleanup of the sea off Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The operation this Saturday, July 22, will be carried out in collaboration with a number of partners – the town hall of St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Nice firefighters, Cap Plongée, the International Apnea Diving Centre, Submarine Locaventure Nice and Véolia Eau.

Everyone participating is a volunteers, including experienced divers who want to make an impact in the fight against marine litter.

The event also represents an opportunity to raise public awareness of the important impact of marine macro-litter and the threat it poses to the environment, affecting wildlife, flora, and water quality.

The Mediterranean is one of the world’s most affected sea areas. Data collected over the past few years have shown that densities of several tens of thousands of waste per hectare have been observed on the sea bottom near major metropolitan areas and in certain regions of the basin.

One hundred percent of stranded sea turtles have ingested plastics. Cetaceans are also affected by this pollution. An international study revealed the ingestion of large quantities of waste by sperm whales, which included debris from fishing gear, ropes, plastic bags, food packaging, coffee capsules and even car debris.

SOS Grand Bleu says: “It is the responsibility of all to take care to preserve the marine environment of this pollution. Macro-waste does not disappear if abandoned in Nature. Our individual gestures are paramount. Let us definitely adopt these simple gestures. Let us promise never to throw our waste outside specific collection points, to sort our waste and to consume products whose packaging is minimised.”

RDV 9 am at Espalmador Bay in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Pre-registration with SOS Grand Bleu/ Murielle ORIOL: 04 93 76 17 61 or 06 63 43 43 21.


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