Government prolongs help to residents

Point presse Jardins d'Apolline 3-08-17

Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, Rémy Rolland, Administrator of the Domains, and Albert Croesi, Head of Mission to the Minister of State in Operation Apolline, have detailed continuing financial support for residents of Jardins d’Apolline who have been displaced in order for major remedial work to be undertaken on their apartments.

The government had previously announced measures, which would remain in force in June, July and August offering rents and charges.

At a press conference on Thursday, August 3, the three officials said that from September 1, residents will pay 50 percent of their original rent, while HCC holders will receive 50 percent compensation on the amount of the rent they would have paid had they been tenants.

During the course of the work, the State will propose a solution adapted to each household. For the duration of temporary rehousing, rent and charges will not be paid whether for the apartment at the Jardins d’Apolline or the temporary accommodation. The apartments will be returned to tenants and owners as they are on the original plan.

The opportunity is being given to each tenant to choose temporary accommodation solutions, such as a second home, accommodation with relatives, or rental in adjoining communes. A flat monthly allowance will then be allocated according to the accommodation occupied at the Jardins d’Apolline: from €1,500 for two rooms up to €3,500 for four rooms.

In all cases, the costs of moving and storing furniture will be entirely the responsibility of the State.


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