Government agrees to relax abortion laws

The Monaco Government has agreed to decriminalise abortions for women in Monaco, however doctors in the Principality are still not allowed to undertake the procedure.  On 12th June the National Council overwhelmingly adopted bill 234, abolishing criminal penalties for women who choose to have abortions. It was sent to the government, who last week agreed that terminations abroad would no longer incur a term of imprisonment or a fine of up to 18,000€.

The bill accepted by the government extends to health care professionals, who will now be able to advise those seeking the procedure or send them to colleagues outside the Principality who can assist.

However, doctors in Monaco are still not legally allowed to perform abortions, only in the case of a major risk to a woman, irreversible foetal disorder or pregnancy following rape. Practitioners face a prison sentence ranging from five to 10 years if they practice abortion outside of this authorised framework.

“This bill preserves the fundamental values of the right to life of the unborn child and the principles of the State religion,” said the government in a statement.

The text was sent to the National Council on Friday 2nd August.

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