Get a move on Sunday at Stars’n’Bars

movementstarsnbarsAs part of its Eco-Hub movement, launched in June of this year, Stars’n’Bars continues its monthly workshops on nutrition and wellbeing with its first “Wellness with Movement” day, Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm at StarDeck.

Free participation for all ages this weekend, events will include Kids Zumba, Bollywood, Pop Pilates, Posturo-Therapy, Pole Fitness, Yoga Digestion and Anti-age, Qi-Gong and Ski Fitness.

Dress code: comfortable!

In October, EcoHub hosted,“Beauty Inside and Out”, an all-day fair focusing on how to be beautiful and healthy using natural methods and products, while “respecting the environment and the body’s natural needs”. And later, they promoted better health with a cancer prevention talk with Henri Joyeux, a professor of cancer treatment and surgery, and a conference on lifestyle and beauty.

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