GEMLUC presents large cheque to Monaco Research Team

Remise cheque GEMLUC

The team working on Tumour Hypoxia and Metabolism at the Monaco Scientific Centre, supervised by Dr Jacques Pouysségur, CRNS Emeritus Director of Research, has been presented with a cheque for €140,000 by GEMLUC, the Group of Monaco Businesses in the fight against cancer.

GEMLUC, founded in 1973, raises funds from companies and individuals that are distributed in grants for clinical and basic research, scholarships for young doctors who want to specialise in research and care against cancer, cancer care and prevention materials, and support for local cancer care associations. Nearly €1.2 million have been distributed since 2014.

The internationally renowned CSM research team in the field of hypoxia and tumour metabolism is looking for new potential anti-cancer targets through genetics. The research focuses on pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive cancers for which medicine is failing.

GEMLUC’s endowment will fund a research programme aimed at blocking one of the defence mechanisms of the cancer cell and thus making it more sensitive to chemotherapy.


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