Furious French drivers destroy more speed cameras

The introduction of lower speed limits on French roads has caused an upsurge in vandalism, the French press reports.

A total of 400 speed cameras have been damaged or destroyed sine the start of the year, a four-fold increase on the same period of 2017.

Traffic cones

The new 80 kph limit on many mainly rural roads has infuriated a large number of motorists who have responded in various ways, from placing bin bags over the offending machines, through spray painting their lenses, to total destruction.

The French authorities are reported to be considering installing more cameras, in this case surveillance cameras to protect the speed traps.

Offenders have also been warned that they face a fine of 45,000 euros and up to three years in jail for destroying or damaging the machines, with penalties increasing to 75,000 euros and five years behind bars for repeat offenders.