France tinkers with minimum wage, and other changes from January 1

Photo: Paulien Osse
Photo: Paulien Osse

The minimum wage – otherwise known as SMIC – will rise in France from January 1, 2017, but by a very small amount, from €9.67 to €9.76 an hour. This translates into a monthly take-home salary of €1,153, after tax, an increase of just over €11.

Also in the New Year, patients visiting a French doctor will no longer have to pay the standard fee of €23 upfront, and then wait for reimbursement, although this change will be staggered during 2017 and applies only to pregnant women and sufferers from long-term illnesses from January 1.

Amongst many other small changes and adjustments, holders of a bank account and a debit card will pay higher fees, possibly by as much as 13 percent on average.

As fewer people use traditional postal services in the age of the internet, higher charges will also begin in January in France. The cost of sending a priority letter will rise by 6.3 percent.

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