France, Italy and Monaco in joint pollution exercise

ramogepol boatMembers of the RAMOGE Agreement held a joint anti-pollution exercise on June 14, organised by the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean in Aspretto, in the Gulf of Ajaccio.

French naval vessels, Jason and Persevero, and the Abeille Flandre, a tug from the port of Ajaccio, were at the heart of the exercise, which was to contain an oil spill simulated by non-toxic and biodegradable rice bark.

The Mimosa was tasked with recovering the polluting products. A gendarmerie helicopter flew over the area to help locate the “pollution.”

Since the catastrophe of the oil tanker Haven off Genoa on April 14, 1991, the RAMOGE agreement has been committed to the implementation of the RAMOGEPOL plan in the fight against catastrophic marine pollution.

Every year at least one exercise is carried out to test the know-how of the three countries’ pollution control units and to check on the interoperability between various pollution measures in a coastal zone.


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