France introduces raft of new rules from October 1

The French authorities have reacted to the dangers of losing tax revenues by insisting that Airbnb operators register their activity at the local town hall. The new requirement – for which hotel operators had been lobbying for some time – came into force on October 1, together with a raft of other changes.

Contactless payments can now be made for purchases up to 30 euros, instead of the 20 euros limit previously in force.

Other changes include a clampdown on using e-cigarettes in open workplaces, schools and public transport, with a 150-euro fine, and a five euro decrease in student housing benefits. Helpfully, the French government has asked private landlords to reduce rents by the same amount.

Gas prices will rise by just over one percent, and photographs of models that have been photo-shopped or edited will have to be labelled accordingly before being published in the press, on posters, or in adverts – a move designed to cut down on the growing problem of eating disorders among young women.

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Taxes concept - keyboard with taxes button
Taxes concept – keyboard with taxes button