Fragmented Identity at Opera Gallery

denzlerOpera Gallery Monaco is proud to unveil a facet of Andy Denzler’s work through an exhibition entitled “Fragmented Identity”, from June 22 until July 8.

Born in Switzerland in 1965, Andy Denzler has seen his international career take off in recent years. His work has earned recognition from major art institutions, as well as from private collectors around the world, propelling it to the front of the contemporary art scene.

From the beginning of his career, he has distinguished himself by his artistic language, his aesthetic signature and his singular universe. It fuels a fruitful and constant dialogue between image and substance – the two essential supports of his work.

In sculpture, one often speaks of two competing methods: the subtractive method and the additive method. The first consists of the cutting of raw material in order to make a new form appear, such as Michelangelo stripping of a block of marble. Conversely, the additive sculpture can be illustrated by aggregating wax clusters on a metallic framework until revealing the contours of a silhouette.

For Andy Denzler, the two methods come together, each addition of matter having as a corollary its imminent elimination, allowing the artist’s vision to take shape.

Opera Gallery, open Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 7pm, is located at 1 ave Henri Dunant, Palais de la Scala.


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