Fort Antoine offers Shakespearean tale for the present

On August 7 William Shakespeare’s “Timon of Athens” will close the 48th summer season at the Fort Antoine open-air theatre. The very rich Timon spends his wealth in order to improve the lives of others.

He finds himself ruined and in exile, then expresses his rage and his hatred of humanity before one day falling on a gold mine. Shakespeare was inspired by the Greek playwright Lucien for his work.

Fort Antoine
Fort Antoine.

The company TAC Theater used the method of the Russian director Anatoly Vassiliev to approach the text of the English playwright in a very modern way.

The piece whose subject is very contemporary, the theatre’s director says. “Politically, we are in this spirit of believing in many things and in fact, we realise that it is everyone for himself, so we can have these moments of revenge, like Timon.”

“Through a play, we ask ourselves questions, it jostles us, moves us, it is also the search for an emotion.”

A few places are still available. Just go to the theatre at 21:00 on performance nights.