Former US basket coach consults in Monaco

Craig Neal, the former University of New Mexico men’s basketball coach, has been named as temporary Director of Basketball for AS Monaco. However, the consulting post will be only for a matter of weeks, he said. It’s a short-term, consulting situation, he said, adding that he is really enjoying it.

“It is all the youth programmes in Monaco from U21 to U9 years old (level teams),” Neal told the Albuquerque Journal.

“I am… volunteering my time and consulting (with) them on how to build youth programmes for the country.”


Neal is still getting paid $1 million by UNM through the end of March 2019, as part of a 24-month buyout clause he had when he was fired on March 31, 2017. That sum is reduced if he takes another coaching job. He has over the past year and a half spent much of his time away from coaching getting to watch his son his son, Eldorado High and UNM graduate Cullen Neal, finish his college career and now he will be able to see him start his professional career, the Journal reports.