Former Monaco manager invited to Weah inauguration

Arsène Wenger. Photo: Flickr Ronnie Macdonald
Arsène Wenger. Photo: Flickr Ronnie Macdonald

Former AS Monaco coach Arsène Wenger has been invited to the inauguration of Liberia’s new president, footballer George Weah, who played in the principality from 1998 until 1992.

The Frenchman coached Weah in the early stages of his career in Europe at AS Monaco. He has said that the eventful life of his former protégée should be made into a film. “When you look at his life, the life of this guy is a film. It is unbelievable. It is a fantastic film.

“I saw him in Monaco, looking lost, not knowing anyone, not being rated as a footballer, yet he became in 1995 the best player in the world and now he is president of his country. It is unbelievable.”

Weah scored 66 goals for Monaco over four seasons before moving to Paris-Saint-Germain.

“He was always strong mentally, convinced he has a mission. When he played at Monaco, it was during the time of war in Liberia and I saw how much he suffered with his country. The love for his country and his people, and the care he had for his people. Today when I look back, I have seen him crying when the war was on.

“But this is a happy story and I wish him a happy presidency. He is an example to all footballers,” Wenger, now manager at Arsenal, said.


From Monaco striker to head of state