Foreplast closed for good

One of Monaco’s oldest industrial companies has shuttered its doors amidst labour disputes, leaving 190 employees in the dark about their future. 

Last April, it was announced that Foreplast, makers of plastic parts used in car manufacturing for companies such as Volkswagen, Peugeot Citroën and Toyota, would be closing its doors, putting some of its workers on the unemployment line.

After 24 meetings spanning several months, talks between employees and management finally ended in a stalemate. Employees claimed that management didn’t take them seriously and that a revised “low-cost” social plan had been preordained, giving employees less security for the future. In a company where many employees have spent their entire working life, 28 years on average, the changes were unacceptable and alarming. 

Management said they has been open to negotiations and had agreed to some of the employee demands, including improved measures compared to the former social plan from 2014.

In the end, on 6th August, employee representatives came to the facility to find that the locks on the doors had been changed whilst the factory had been on its annual summer closure.

The fate of a further 190 employees in Monaco remains unknown as further information is expected in September.