Flu vaccines available now with prescription

Flu_Shot_AdvertisingThe Department of Health and Social Affairs is launching its seasonal campaign to vaccinate against influenza and is encouraging all those in the higher-risk groups to seek protection.

Influenza presents a real danger for the elderly, pregnant women and those in delicate health, especially those with chronic respiratory or cardiac diseases. The flu virus is spread very easily through coughing and contact from hands.

Vaccination, which is reimbursed 100 percent to those insured by the Monaco health service, is the only truly effective protection against influenza, not only preventing individuals from becoming sick but also avoiding the transmission of the virus to close relations.

The 2017/2018 vaccine, which requires a medical prescription, has been available in pharmacies for a few days and offers protection for 12 months. However, in order to be effective, vaccination must be carried out before influenza viruses circulate, usually from the end of October, so that the organism can produce specific antibodies and thus protect itself.

Side effects – such as sensitivity to the injection site and minimal flu-like reaction – are rare and not serious, usually disappearing in one to two days.

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