Flu season fast approaching, think about vaccination

A vaccine injection in hospital
A vaccine injection in hospital

Monaco’s Department of Social Affairs and Health reminds residents that seasonal flu will appear again in the coming weeks, presenting a danger to vulnerable people, especially the elderly, and for patients with chronic cardiac or respiratory disease.

During last winter the most serious cases of flu occurred among unvaccinated people in these groups. The vaccine is available in pharmacies for several days and is the only protection against this disease. Being vaccinated not only prevents infection or decreases its effects but also helps to avoid infecting others, the department said in a press release.

To be effective, the vaccination must be done before the circulation of the influenza viruses, usually from the end of October, so that the no one can develop antibodies. The vaccine causes very few side effects, with localised pain, and possibly a flu-like reaction disappearing within one or two days.

In Monaco, health insurance organisations reimburse the cost of the vaccine for all policyholders and their dependents.