Fight Aids Monaco: the fight continues

The National Council has congratulated all those involved in Princess Stephanie’s non-profit, Fight Aids Monaco, with National Council President Stéphane Valeri saying we can end the aids epidemic in the next decade.

National Council President Stéphane Valeri, Vice-President Boccone-Pagès Bri and Beatrice Fresko Rolfo of the Council with members of Fight Aids Monaco. Photo courtesy: Fight Aids Monaco

National Council President Stéphane Valeri, Vice-President Boccone-Pagès Bri and Beatrice Fresko Rolfo congratulated the strong commitment of everyone involved in Fight Aids Monaco for their work in education and prevention not only in Monaco and France, but also in developing countries.

Mr Valeri paid tribute to the volunteers, affiliates and the permanent team who for 15 years have relayed the message of Princess Stephanie. He also took the opportunity to reaffirm, on behalf of the Assembly, all of his support in advancing this fight, saying:

“The goal is clear and it is achievable: to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. It is achievable if everyone, starting with us, political, scientific, associative, all over the planet do not just talk but work concretely. It is achievable if we learn to better support scientists, the medical community and, above all, the actors in the field in contact with the people.”

Fight Aids Monaco is a non-profit NGO founded by Princess Stephanie in 2004. In addition to a space staffed by professionals who provide support for people suffering from HIV AIDS, the association offers fun activities, outings and weekends of healing throughout the year.

Princess Stehanie also designed the House of Life, a place of relaxation and non-medical rest that can accommodate people and their families in Carpentras.

The association undertakes actions of international cooperation with Burundi, Madagascar and Mauritius in AIDS prevention.

Photo: Fight Aids Monaco

Fight Aids Monaco also organises information sessions for young people and employees in the Principality.

In recognition of Princess Stéphanie’s involvement in the fight against AIDS in Monaco and around the world, the United Nations Organisation in charge of AIDS appointed her the Special Representative of the UNAIDS in October 2006.