Ferrari tourist over the limit twice in two days

ferraripixabayThe director of Ferrari’s distribution network in Australia has appeared before Monaco’s Criminal Court for drink-driving at the wheel of a rented red Ferrari, twice within the space of two days.

The Sydney resident was first stopped on July 28 and found to have 0.34 mg/l of blood alcohol, well over the limit of 0.25 mg/l.

He was seen two days later speeding on blvd Princesse Charlotte, and when stopped by police found to be drunk, with a blood alcohol measure of 0.59 mg/l.

Appearing handcuffed before the court he said: “I thought I was in a condition to drive the rented Ferrari. I had drunk three, four maybe, glasses of red wine …”

Judge Florestan Bellinzona responded: “After the second drink you could not drive anymore, and as you continued your drinking at the average of one drink every hour the rate was not going to drop!”

The miscreant was kept in custody after his second stop so that he understands the seriousness of his behaviour, the court was told. The tribunal fined him €3,000.


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