Feng shui and psychogenealogy on deck Tuesday, free event at Stars’n’Bars

Photo: Facebook OZERA Interiors
Feng shui bedroom. Photo: Facebook OZERA Interiors

As part of it’s free Wellbeing Happy Hour series, Stars’n’Bars welcomes two women to talk about feng shui and psychogenealogy on Tuesday, November 21.

Feng shui specialist Tiina Gallas, founder of OZERA Interiors, graduated as an Interior Architect from the École Nationale du Bâtiment in France with a specialisation in Sustainable Interior Design. She then went on to obtain a Feng Shui Interior Designer certificate from the New York Institute of Art & Design.

“Today, many of us strive for a healthy, joyful and balanced living in this fast-paced modern world and a well-designed space can contribute to finding harmony in our lives,” the native Finn, who has lived in the region for 15 years, said.

“My specialisation in feng shui and ecological interior design will help create balanced, healthy and harmonious interiors without forgetting aesthetic details, the touch of luxury, sensuality and beauty.”

The second guest speaker on Tuesday is Nancy Novena, an authorised Bach flower consultant. It was in the 1930s when British homeopath Edward Bach claimed that the dew found on flower petals retain imagined healing properties of that plant.

Ms Novena uses Bach flower techniques to reharmonise emotions – to build self-confidence and find happiness and inner peace – as well as for psychogenealogy, a form of therapy that identifies and provides insight into negative patterns that can be transmitted across generations.

Stars’n’Bars weekly health hour, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, takes place at the downstair’s bar and provides an opportunity to meet wellbeing specialists while enjoying complimentary snacks. No entre fee or reservation required.

Tuesday, November 28, features Beauty Concept’s Salima and Habiba Vilches of Reiki Usui.

Article first published November 18, 2017.


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