FEDEM’s magazine covers several topical issues

The 63rd edition of Monaco Business News, published in French by the Federation of Monegasque Enterprises (FEDEM), has just been published.

Monaco Business News 63

The President’s editorial “Far away so close” calls for the need to be flexible and responsive in order for Monaco’s economic success to continue.

Among the topics covered in the magazine are an assessment of FEDEM’s activities in 2017 and prospects for 2018, which reviews the major economic, social and legal issues in which the FEDEM was involved in 2017 and on future issues. The Eco Note “Is education the key to tomorrow?” returns to the theme of “Cognitive Capitalism” and suggests a need for the educational system to become better adapted to the needs of business.

In addition to number of interviews on a range of topics, Monaco Business News also covers the mysteries of the blockchain and the
activities of the important Monaco Chamber of Shipping.

To download the magazine, follow this link.