Fedem’s latest journal: all you need to know about teletravail

Photo: Mike McCune
Photo: Mike McCune

The 57th edition of Monaco Business News, a journal published by the Federation of Monégasque Enterprises (FEDEM), has just been published in a new, more practical and modern format.

In summary, the latest edition is dedicated to the operational implementation of the very important initiative of teleworking in Monaco (law n° 1.429), deciphers the objectives and expectations, as well as questions of companies, offers practical legal advice and an overview of the technological solutions available.

A legal paper provides a detailed analysis of law No. 1.429, with a focus on the history and reference texts, its scope, definition, implementation, and the rights of the teleworker and the duties of the employer.

This issue also looks back on the meeting of Presidents of unions affiliated to the FEDEM with Mr Stephane Valeri, Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

Among other exclusives: the launch of the second promotion of the Diploma of University of Monegasque Social Law, much awaited by companies.

A pdf copy of FEDEM’s journal can be downloaded at this link.