FEDEM leader stresses the need to cope with fast-moving change

Philippe Ortelli
Philippe Ortelli

FEDEM, Monaco’s federation of employers, has published the winter edition of Monaco Business News, in French, in which the organisation’s president, Philippe Ortelli, summarises the challenges and opportunities of the New Year.

Mr Ortelli focuses on the acceleration of change due to the digital revolution and new technologies and the impact they have on the way CEOs manage their time and the organisation of their companies.

The Principality is in an enviable position, Mr Ortilli argues: “We are fortunate to be able to rely on an economic and social model like no other, except perhaps interesting analogies with Singapore.

“Our country allows us to be able to envisage this acceleration of the world around us as an opportunity to seize, provided that business leaders, politicians, executive authorities, take the measure of this global transformation and adapt the framework of our development to this new situation.”

Referring to the elections to the National Council due in February, FEDEM’s president points out that the new elected majority will have to make its own contributions so that its institutional partner, the Government, accelerates even more in the economic and social field in order to anticipate the adjustments that Monaco will need to make to perpetuate its model.

Mr Ortelli picks out the question of access – by road, rail, sea and air – to be one of the central preoccupations of the coming year.


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