Fairmont sets employee record straight

FairmontRegarding an article about Fairmont hotel employees walking off the job November 7 in response to a colleague’s dismissal over the theft of a 72-cent toothbrush and some pastries, as published by Monaco Life on Monday evening, the Fairmont hotel management has issued an official statement in French and English:

“Further to the article appeared in Monaco Hebdo of November 3rd, 2016 containing the declaration made by the Labour Union of Cooks and Pastry Cooks of Monaco, the Management of the hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo wishes to bring some additional information which is not mentioned in the publication.

On October 6th, 2016, within the framework of unannounced controls and as the internal rules of the establishment require it, a security guard of the hotel asked an employee at the end of service who was leaving the hotel, to open both bags that he carried. This is a simple routine check, known and accepted by all the employees. 

well-hidden in the bags of the employee, the agent found articles that had been stolen from within the hotel, indicating the intention in the act. It is false to say that these articles are put at the disposal of the employees of the hotel because they are reserved for the clientele. 

Having listened to the explanations of the employee, these deceitful actions were considered as a serious misconduct by the Management, resulting in the employee’s dismissal. The employer cannot tolerate such thefts among his 530 employees.”

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