Enthusiastic welcome for Prince in Sicily

Photo: Facebook Prince's Palace of Monaco
Photo: Facebook Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Prince Albert travelled to Sicily from October 9 to 11 for an environmental visit that also celebrated Monaco’s historic links.

At the University of Palermo, the Prince received the insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa in Marine Ecology, a distinction recognising his initiatives for the preservation of the environment and the oceans through his foundation.

On the first evening, the Prince attended the gala of the Italian branch of the Prince Albert II Foundation, which took place at Palazzo Mazzarino.
 Prince Albert also visited several cities related to the history of the Grimaldi Dynasty, many of which are of Génoise origin.

In each of these cities, the Prince met hundreds of people who came to greet him with great enthusiasm. In Santa Caterina Villarmosa, His Serene Highness received an honorary citizenship from the city.

In Modica, the Sovereign Prince went to the Grimaldi Foundation, a youth-oriented organisation aimed at implementing cultural and social initiatives to promote scientific research.

The Prince additionally visited several places and monuments, which have a distinctive red and white emblem, testimony of the common roots between the Grimaldis and Sicily.

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Prince Albert, West Point, Monaco 2017.
Prince Albert West Point 2017. Photo: Facebook Prince’s Palace of Monaco