DTC meets in Monaco with representative offices abroad

Photo: Facebook Gouvernement Monaco
Photo: Facebook Gouvernement Monaco

On Monday, November 13, Minister of Finance and Economy Jean Castellini opened the annual conference at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel of officials of the Tourism and Congress Department’s (DTC) bureaus abroad.

Every year, this conference is a unique opportunity to bring together the office’s representatives, some of who work thousands of kilometres away each day to promote the Principality.

Each office had the opportunity to present the figures and trends in its market for 2017 and announced the various events and projects it plans to organise during the coming year.

During the week, these representatives of the Principality will also be able to meet Monegasque tourism partners, including restaurants, hotels, incoming agencies, transport operators, and others.

This is also the unique moment in the year when it is possible for these professionals to discuss together the strategies that will be developed and applied in foreign markets to increase the economic impact of tourism in the Principality.

The DTC and its 10 offices organise more than 250 such operations each year in more than 20 countries.


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