Drug dealer sentenced to 15 days in jail

A young man who arrived from Moselle with seventeen sachets of hashish in his pockets has been sent to jail in Monaco for 15 days for possession, transport, importation, and the offering for sale of narcotics.

The unemployed 20 year-old had sachets in his possession with a total weight of 17.78 grammes. He intended to go to Larvotto beach to make the sales, the Criminal Court was told.

Stopped on the Boulevard Louis-II in mid-afternoon on Sunday, August 12, the defendant admitted having bought cannabis in Marseille and Cannes for 120 euros. He was about to offer one gramme and two gramme bags of cannabis for five and ten euros, and had posted videos on Snapchat to advertise his product.


The accused said that his mother sent him spending money and that he had no idea that selling cannabis was an offence in Monaco. The young man has a long record of criminality in France, the court heard. His lawyer asked the court for a suspended sentence while the prosecution demanded four months in prison and a ten year ban from Monaco.