Digital health and medicine of tomorrow comes to Monaco


The fourth edition of e-HealthWorld, the Rendez-vous for e-health, research and innovation, will be held at the Fairmont Hotel from May 31 to June 1.

Under the Patronage of Prince Albert, e-HealthWorld Monaco is an exchange platform that provides an overview of technological advances in all medical disciplines.

“It is urgent that health professionals get involved because these technologies will not arrive in several years as some believe but are already present in the medical world and are experiencing an exponential development,” said Dr Nahmanovici, organiser of the event.

“It goes without saying that the upheavals that affect the world of health, as well as other areas, will lead to a re-foundation of the foundations of our society. The debates require the participation of the general public. That’s why e-Healthworld Monaco is bringing in the first users of the healthcare system, the patient associations.”

The e-HealthWorld Monaco 2018 conference programme includes almost all the current topics in New Information Technologies and Communication (NICT) in health: Telemedicine; the role of the pharmacist in digital inter-professionality; artificial intelligence, robotics and deep-learning at the service of medicine to diagnose and operate more safely; and cognitive science.

“Practitioners and researchers from four medical specialties will come together to consider NICTs in their specific field of orthopedics, rehabilitation, obstetrics gynecology, and urology,” Dr Nahmanovici added.


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