Diamonds and sustainability: responsible sourcing and alternative investments

Antonio Cecere, Monaco Diamond Exchange Founder & VP
Antonio Cecere, Monaco Diamond Exchange Founder & VP

The Monaco Diamond Exchange (MDE) was incorporated in Monaco last October. As a non-profit association its aim is to “support investors as well as consumers in their diamonds transactions by educating, informing and advising members”.

Monaco Life speaks to Antonio Cecere, principal of Cecere Monaco and MDE Founder and Vice-President, about the principles that govern fair trade in the diamond industry and the impact of lab grown diamonds and colour treated diamonds on the trade.

ML: Why do diamonds play such a predominant role in alternative investments?
AC: Diamonds were always crucial to diversify a well-balanced investment portfolio. Their ability to retain, pass on and relocate wealth has traditionally defined them as the alternative investment of choice, while favourable taxation and the ability to hedge against inflation rendered these untraceable assets extremely attractive to investors. The projected widening gap between supply and demand and the recent instability of the financial markets acted as catalysers and caused further appeal to this class from investors with a mid- to long-term view.


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