Destination Monaco asks for help using hashtags socially

As part of its digital strategy, the Prince’s Government invites all local stakeholders to use certain hashtags in their publications on social networks in order to unite the community and participate jointly in the promotion of Destination Monaco.

A quick reminder for neophytes: a hashtag is a key word or phrase preceded by the # symbol used in a digital message. It acts as a “label” (marker, tag or meta-data) for this word or phrase, helping to drive more visitors. The use of hashtags in a communication strategy is necessary to gain better visibility.

Monaco marina

The use of certain keywords is particularly useful for promoting the Principality on social networks, particularly on Twitter and Instagram.

“The  Prince’s Government encourages you to federate a community around:
#monacomoments. It can be used for all moments of life of the Principality. To date, 852 postings on Instagram are referenced #monacomoments,” the Government says.

On the initiative of the Directorate of Tourism and Congresses (DTC), #visitmonaco is to be used in the context of tourism, destination, hotels. It follows an editorial line consistent with the website of the DTC: To date, 33,500 Instagram posts are referenced #visitmonaco.

All environmental, or ‘green’ messages, should be promoted with the hashtag #mcgreenglam. The DTC has recently launched a first video campaign, in the form of episodes, entitled “Green is the new Glam”, centred around the theme of the family. Other episodes are in the pipeline. To date, 505 Instagram posts have been referenced #mcgreenglam.