Customer thrown out after disputing bill

Photo: Benreis
Photo: Benreis

A restaurant manager who threw out a customer violently after a dispute over a €50 bill has been sentenced to one month in jail, suspended, and fined €1,000. The incident took place at Le Modjo, Quai Jean-Charles-Rey, in Fontvieille.

The customer had expressed dissatisfaction that the bill of €50 was excessive for a pasta dish and two glasses of wine. The woman complained to the police, who examined videotapes of the dispute, which took place on October 27 last year.

After the client asked for a detailed breakdown of the bill; she was forcefully ejected from the premises and fell and injured herself.

The lawyer for the victim told the court that his client was pressing for payment of €29,431.78, having had to take five days off work.

The accused denied the facts, although judge Florestan Bellinzona said that the security cameras recorded the fact that the customer was thrown out violently, and asked, “Do you often get people out that way?”

Prosecutor Alexia Brianti said she found it difficult to believe in the testimony of the defendant and remarks that did not correspond to the images on the cameras. The court doubled the length of the suspended sentence from the 15 days requested by the prosecution.



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