Curious about Artcurial

“Hermès crocodile handbags need their own passports to travel,” says Gréther.

As I pincer salmon sushi into my mouth at Capocaccia, at Impasse de la Fontaine, Gréther recounts a recent Artcurial Monaco auction sale. I cannot decide whether to be more shocked that a handbag required its own passport (as crocodiles are an endangered species) or that this particular fulgent-pink crocodile Hermès handbag encrusted with pink diamonds sold for over 100,000 euros.

With her statuesque figure and blonde hair neatly coiled into a chignon, Gréther fits seamlessly into the world of priceless artefacts. There’s a hint of James Bond girl about this convent-school girl who spent seven years as a director in the world of business intelligence and ended up marrying into one of Monaco’s most established dynasties. The mysterious Gréther is a formidable networker – indeed I met her through a mutual friend in one of Monaco’s hallowed circles.

“Artcurial is a lean and mean organisation,” says Gréther.

Artcurial has risen from new-kid-on-the-auctioneering-block to a 150-strong team in less than a decade…


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