Culture Pass’Sport 2019

The summer holidays are well underway, and so is Monaco’s jam-packed activity programme for kids and young adults. With the 2019 ‘Culture Pass’Sport’, holders will have access to an incredible range of activities including theatre, jet skiing, guitar lessons and gliding.

The National Education Information Centre is behind the initiative, which aims to ensure that the young people of Monaco are never bored throughout the school holidays.

The programme has been created in close collaboration with local art, sport and cultural associations and is available to young Monegasques, residents and students of the Principality.

Depending on their tastes and schedules, members can choose to participate in one-week courses or “discovery sessions”, ranging from a few hours to a day.

On the 2019 menu are around 50 activities including water sports such as rowing, kayaking, snorkelling, jet skiing and sailing; and creative activities such as comics, manga and sculpture; as well as theatre, singing, musicals and guitar.

Sports sessions are being held indoors and outdoors, covering everything from dance and combat sports, to tennis and archery.

If that wasn’t enough, the Culture Pass’Sport also offers gliding, caving, climbing, fencing, and even archaeology.

The Pass’Sport is available to young Monegasques, residents or students in Monaco, aged between 11 and 25 years, for a fee of 50€ for one month or 75€ for two months.

Registration is available via the government website or at the National Education Information Centre, 18 avenue des Castelans in Fontvieille.