Creche of Monte-Carlo celebrates 20th birthday

Monte Carlo, creche, 20 years
Monte Carlo creche celebrates 20 years Photo: Mairie de Monaco

The Monaco City Council held a reception on Thursday, September 21, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Crèche de Monte-Carlo.

Present were Mayor Georges Marsan, Chloé Boscagli-Leclerq, Councillor Communal Delegate for Early Childhood, members of the Council Communal André J. Campana, Henri Doria and Claude Bollati, as well as teams from the Social Action Department of the Town Hall.

The crèche opened its doors in the Saint-Charles complex on July 1, 1997, welcoming its first 36 children. The premises of more than 800m2 saw their area increase by 200m2 – and 1300m2 of covered terraces – in 2013 with the transfer of the Daycare to Larvotto, increasing the capacity of the nursery by 15 places.

Today, the Crèche de Monte-Carlo welcomes 51 children daily, under the watchful eye of its director, Nicole Baron,who has served since the opening of the establishment. Ms Baron was warmly congratulated by the Mayor for her work and her involvement over the years.

Ms Baron runs a team composed of two Early Childhood Educators, ten Child Care Assistants and two service ladies who ensure the well-being and development of toddlers every day.

As a reminder, the Crèche de Monte-Carlo was the first municipal facility to welcome young children before the transfer of skills between the Foyer Sainte-Dévote and the Town Hall. From January 1, 2004, the management of nurseries in the Principality has been centralised and officially entrusted to the Municipality.

The Crèche of Monte-Carlo is one of eight community day nurseries run by the Early Childhood section of the Social Action Department of the Town Hall, which also organises and coordinates other institutions and services for early childhood care under municipal management, namely the Family Crèche with fourteen nursery assistants, the Mini-Club, during the months of July and August, and micro-crèches A Ribambela, A Riturnela and, from early September, A Farandola.


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