Court revenge for Chihuahua and owner


There’s no doubt that Monaco’s favourite dog is the Chihuahua, so an attack on one of its breed is treated very seriously. This was certainly the case when the owner of a larger and more aggressive dog appeared at Monaco Criminal Court charged with failing to keep her dog under control.

The offending dog had previously bitten the owner of the Chihuahua, the court was told. The victim told the court that after the first offence she still suffers from trembling hands. On the second occasion she had to lift the small pet into her arms to protect it from being bitten.

Court President Florestan Bellinzona asked the 50-year-old defendant why she had failed to control her dog, eliciting the response that the leash had slipped through her hands, to which the magistrate said: “It is therefore the fault of the Chihuahua?”

Prosecutor Alexia Brianti said that every animal is unpredictable and the dog could have bitten a child. She asked for a fine of €1,000.

Despite a spirited defence by Thomas Brezzo, who said the affair was not the biggest issue of the century, the dog owner was ordered to pay a fine of €500 and to pay the same amount to the owner of the Chihuahua.



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