Council chooses topics for Monaco student projects


During a public meeting of the City Council entirely dedicated to the Junior Communal Project (CPJ) 2016-2017, students from the colleges François d’Assise Nicolas Barré (FANB) and Charles III presented the different projects on which they worked with their respective professors.

Monaco Mayor Georges Marsan, together with his deputies and councillors, welcomed pupils from the 4me classes (Grade 8 US/Year 9 UK) of FANB College accompanied by their professor of History, Méryl Fouilleron, and from College Charles III with their Professor of Monegasque, Sylvie Leporati.

In turn, the two groups presented a number of potential projects linked to the work of the City Council. The elected representatives debated at length before nominating the topics.

FANB College subjects were an intergenerational day to foster links between seniors and younger generations in order to bring them closer together and to encourage the transmission of knowledge, and “Artificial weightlessness” – the implementation of a free fall simulator at certain Town Hall events.

For Collège Charles III, the issues were a “Treasure hunt in Monaco” – a playful animation on Monaco’s territory, focusing on the use of new technologies, including QR codes, and “Renewable energies” with the installation of new renewable energy systems in municipal buildings as part of the City Council’s commitment to sustainable development.

The Mayor and members of the Council congratulated the students on the seriousness and quality of their work, their obvious motivation and the originality of the subjects proposed.

Students will now work on their projects and study the feasibility of each in terms of practical, logistical and budgetary constraints. The finalised projects will be presented at a public meeting of the Communal Council in June, after which the elected representatives will be able to vote for their possible implementation.



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