Costly vodka that debuted at Top Marques Monaco found after ‘disappearing’

Photo: Facebook Vodkasamling / Vodkacollection
Photo: Facebook Vodkasamling / Vodkacollection

A bottle of vodka valued at a staggering 8 million kroner (€1.1 million) that was reported as disappearing from a bar in Copenhagen has been found again, according to local police who tweeted its rediscovery on January 2.

The vodka was created to woo Russian tycoons and wealthy aficionados worldwide and premiered at Top Marques at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco in April last year. Prince Albert of Monaco was presented with the very first bottle.

The world’s most expensive vodka bottle was on display at Cafe 33 in the central district of Copenhagen, and formed part of the bar’s collection of vodka, which amounts to 1,200 bottles.

The disappearing bottle was on loan from the privately owned Riga-based Dartz Motorz, founded by the Latvian-born businessman Leonard Yankelovich. The bottle is coated with about 3 kg of gold and 3 kg of silver. A total of 625 Russo-Baltique vodka bottles were made, Dartz says.

Top Marques runs this year from April 18 to 22.


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