Monaco and IAEA cooperation presented at the UN

Photo: Mme Valérie Bruell-Melchior. Copyright Direction de la Communication
Mme Valérie Bruell-Melchio Photo: Direction de la Communication

During the presentation of the Report of the International Atomic Energy Agency to the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 12, Mrs. Valérie Bruell-Melchior, Minister-Counsellor, and Deputy Permanent Representative of Monaco to the United Nations, pointed out the close cooperation between the Principality and the IAEA.

While thanking the Director-General of the Agency, Mr Yukiya Amano, Monaco’s representative highlighted the Principality’s support for various IAEA health programmes, notably in the fight against cancer but also for those related to the development of scientific knowledge on ocean acidification.

Ms Bruell-Melchior also highlighted the international workshops specifically dedicated to the socio-economic impacts of ocean acidification organised in the Principality in collaboration with the IAEA Marine Environment Laboratories, which have taken place since 2010.

With their headquarters in Monaco, it should be noted that the Laboratories also host the International Oceanic Co-ordination Centre for Ocean Acidification. In her address, she highlighted the partnership between the Principality of Monaco, the IAEA and the Mediterranean Action Plan of the United Nations Environment Programme, which organise regional marine pollution prevention programmes.