Cold weather blast will not leave Med untouched

A wave of cold weather affecting large parts of France will also hit the Principality over the next few days. Meteo France is forecasting overnight lows of 5 and 6 degrees celsius for Monaco from Wednesday, February 7 until the weekend, with a low of 4 degrees at night on Sunday, following a cold and sunny day with a high of 13. The cold spell is expected to last for at least two weeks.

Twenty-two French departments – including Ile-de-France, which includes Paris – have issued cold alerts for those sleeping rough. This triggering of the emergency warning will involve the opening of an additional 1,000 emergency overnight sleeping places to add to the 13,000 already in place.

The blast of cold air is spreading into France from Eastern Europe, coming into conflict with warmer air from the Mediterranean. Heavy snow and rain can be expected this week across the south and east of France.


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