Cofounder of “Big Mamma” speaks to Monaco students

Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC
Photo: Manuel Vitali/DC

For nearly three years the Monaco Méditerranée Foundation, chaired by Enrico Braggiotti, has been offering a series of high-level conferences to students dedicated to the 21st century’s societal issues.

As the initiator of the programme, Mr Braggiotti was anxious to associate fully the Directorate of National Education, Youth and Sports with his ambitious approach, and these conferences, initially open to high school students from the Principality’s general education system, have since been extended to a wider audience of young people.

Students from the Sciences Po Menton campus as well as from the International University of Monaco were also invited to participate.

The quality of the speakers, known for their strong experience in economics, international relations, finance, and geopolitics, has been met by the enthusiasm of the young public in the audiences.

The 2017-2018 edition of this cycle of conferences began on Monday, October 16, in the Auditorium of the Hotel and Technical School in Monaco with an address by the cofounder of “Big Mamma”, Tigrane Seydoux, whose start-up is an exceptional success.

According to the Financial Times, the Italian Big Mamma food group “has grown to six restaurants, employs more than 400 people, and this year will close a €20 million fundraising round at a valuation of just over €100 million.”

More than one hundred students heard Tigrane Seydoux’s speech and enthusiastically asked questions and added their comments.

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