Cluster Yachting in Monaco on May 4

BD_Ponton-TOUCH-GO_quai-Louis-II_07-2015@YCM-9029Cluster Yachting Monaco will bring together Monaco’s yachting professionals on Thursday, May 4, at the Monaco Yacht Club. Opening this second edition will be Bernard d’Alessandri, President of Cluster Yachting Monaco, together with HE Serge Telle, Minister of State, and Edouard Mousny, Vice-President of Cluster Yachting Monaco.

Hassan Mouheb of Nielsen Lifestyle will present the results of a survey conducted by Cluster on the topic of Quality Charters.

Sessions throughout the day will centre on themes of great interest in Monaco, including the ports of Monaco and Ventimiglia, ecological concerns, yachts and the environment, financial risks, maritime jurisdictions, and design. The format will combine highly-qualified individual speakers and expert panels, and is designed to address the major preoccupations of this important and growing sector in the Principality.

The programme starts at 8:30 am and finishes with a cocktail at Wine Palace Monte-Carlo.


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