Citymapper arrives in Monaco

Monaco has adopted a new smartphone app that will allow people to navigate their way around the Principality in the quickest, easiest, and most sustainable way possible. It is called Citymapper and it currently exists in 39 cities across the globe including London, Paris, Rome and Sydney.

With electric bikes, electric cars, buses, trains and walking routes, Monaco feels better connected than ever. But with great transport comes an overwhelming array of possible routes, and that’s where Citymapper comes in handy.

The smartphone app can immediately find your location and calculate the quickest, least complex routes to get anywhere else in the city. It shows you real-time information on when the next buses or trains are arriving at any given stop, reminds you when to get off and change, and gives you an ETA that constantly updates in response to traffic and other delays.

You can share your location with friends, save ‘home’ and ‘work’ addresses so you can find your way wherever you are, and it even tells you how many calories you will burn if you walk instead of taking public transport or driving.

From a sustainability perspective, it tells you how many trees you have saved by chosing a more environmentally responsible journey, showing how your decisions have a wider impact on the planet.