Chinese research project financed by Prince Albert II Foundation

Cyanobacteria aggregation. Photo: Christian Fischer
Cyanobacteria aggregation. Photo: Christian Fischer

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2) signed a financing agreement on November 8 with the Chinese Foundation for the Protection of the Environment for a project that culminates at the end of this month.

On Friday, December 8, FPA2 stated that a document was signed by its Vice-President, HE Bernard Fautrier, and Fu Wenjuan, President of the Chinese Foundation for the Protection of the Environment.

The objective of this recent agreement is the funding of a project investigating cyanobacterial water blooms in Taihu Lake, China’s second-largest freshwater lake.

This project involves the in-depth study of the efflorescence of cyanobacteria – the bacteria that caused the Great Oxidation 2.4 of billion years ago, making possible the evolution of living creatures – forming “flowers of water”. This phenomenon provides valuable information on the state of water pollution, and the subsequent creation of an information platform open to the general public, will constitute an educational tool as well as a working basis for scientists.

The project will end at the end of December 2017, with the submission of a survey report on the pollution of the lake.


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