Chinese Medicine at Stars’n’Bars

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 6.51.05 PMOn April 2, Stars’n’Bars will bring together reunited Chinese Medicine specialists in Monaco and its surroundings to share their knowledge for its fifth Eco Sunday edition, from 13:00 to 19:00.

According to the principles of Chinese Medicine, poor circulation of energy may cause imbalances in the body. Themes such as Acupuncture, Iridology, Tao, and the presentation of Trace elements will be discussed in order to highlight the body’s natural needs.

The organisers say that this is another ‘must’ event for those who wish to discover or deepen their knowledge through mini conferences and meetings with: Christiane Brych (Iridologist and Nutrition Advisor, graduated from the IHMN in 1980), Dr. Danièle Massobrio Macchi (MAC Qi®Integrative Medicine), Franck Pasquon (Acupuncturist-osteopath practitioner of Traditional Taoist Medicine), Pascal Leroy and Christine Bonnefille (Chinese Phyto-energetics and Oligotherapy for Propos Nature) and Fanny Rigaud (Chinese Energy practitioner – and Aculift Specialist)


13:00– Dr.Danièle Massobrio Macchi – Energy Man and the TAO

14:00– Franck Pasquon : “the marvelous vessels, extraordinarymeridians for an extraordinary medicine”

15:00 Christiane Brych : “The eye, mirror of the Soul … The eye … mirror of health”

16:00– Pascal Leroy: Phyto-energetics of the 5 elements

17h00– Pascal Leroy : Global Oligotherapy

18:00– Fanny Rigaud : “Nutrition and 5 elements How to eat well according to the principles of the seasons and Chinese dietotherapy”

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