Children’s cancer charity raises 27,000 euros, appeals for more funds

Photo: Facebook Fondation Flavien, un nouvel espoir
Photo: Facebook Fondation Flavien, un nouvel espoir

The Flavien Foundation, a local cancer charity, has so far this year raised 27,000 euros for the fight against children’s cancer.

Dozens of motorcyclists gathered on the Palace Square in rainy weather on Saturday, September 30, to celebrate its latest initiative, the Fourth Monaco Trott’n’Roll, which included many physical activities for children. Not only have funds been raised, but many individuals have donated their blood or registered on a worldwide marrow donation registry through the L’Archet Hospital in Nice.

Several important institutions and individuals are supporters of the Flavien Foundation, including the Prince’s Palace, SBM, the Deputy for the Fourth district of the Alpes-Maritimes, Alexandra Valetta-Ardisson, the Foundation’s sponsor Stéphane Valeri, and the ambassador of France in Monaco, Marine de Carne de Trécesson. The Sir Stelios Foundation donated a cheque for 5,000 euros.

The 27,000 euros, less essential operating expenses, will be handed over to Monaco’s Scientific Centre during 2018 to further cancer research. The sum of 49,000 euros was raised in 2016 and paid to the Scientific Centre this year.

It is still possible to make donations to this local charity: Fondation Flavien Jardins d’Apolline 1, Promenade Honoré II 98000 Monaco Tel: