Cheques presented to children’s charities

Photo: ©Charly Gallo/Direction de la Communication
Photo: ©Charly Gallo/Direction de la Communication

Following an address on Monday, November 21, by Mrs Renate Winter, International Judge and Vice-President of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, donations collected during the months of October and November were handed over to three associations working in their defence of the Rights of the Child.

Monaco’s Mission Enfance, which provides assistance to children in distress in the world with the main objective of education; Casa do Menor, which helps the young people of the favelas of Brazil, especially favouring their professional placement; and the AKILAH Institute for Women, which works in East Africa to empower girls by providing them with access to education, were each handed cheques for €8,000.

In addition, financial support of an equivalent amount was sent to the Consul of Monaco in Madagascar to ensure the schooling of 45 Malagasy students.