Chefs take Taste Week to class

food-712665_1280Several of Monaco’s top chefs, visited fifteen CE2 classes in the Principality on Monday morning as part of Taste Week. The “Welcome to the chef” initiative brought new flavours into the classroom, as students enjoyed the exotic tastes of fennel and aniseed, as well as sweeter concoctions, such as marshmallows. Also on the menu, the humble grape, coated in delicious white chocolate.

Not all the children were familiar with the more exotic tastes and not all of them liked the samples they were given, but for many young pupils, in La Condamine, Fontvieille and FANB, the visit from the chefs were an opportunity to taste foods they had never tasted before and they showed great enthusiasm for the unusual initiative.

Taste Week in the Principality’s schools lasts until Friday this week.

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