Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Installation of solar panels at the Ecole des Révoires

Installed on the roof with a double exposure north-west and south-east, they will allow optimal solar capture.

On your bike … with a motor

The French state is offering €200 towards the cost of buying an electrically assisted bicycle. The payment will be offered from now until January...

Princely family celebrate Yersin’s departure from Monaco Yacht Cub

Thursday night, at 10:30 pm, the Yersin, the ecological research ship flying the Monegasque flag, left Port Hercules in Monaco for a 3-year journey...

UNESCO assessors spend days examining Mediterranean Alps

Two experts, a geologist and a naturalist, came to visit the eight sites that make up the cross-border perimeter of Mediterranean Alps.

Stars’n’Bars leave the 90s behind

On Tuesday, June 13, Monaco’s most recognised sports bar revealed its new logo, which co-founder Kate Powers described as a “necessary modernisation" to more effectively meet...

The Festival La Route du Goût settles on the sea

For its 3rd edition in Monaco, the organic festival La Route du Goût is setting up, from 12 to 14 October, an organic vegetable garden.

GreenSeas Trust targets butts on the beach

The UK-based charity GreenSeas Trust, with the support of the Mairie de Cannes in France, recently gave away free pocket ashtrays and leaflets at...

Paris combats vehicle pollution while service stations decline

Pollution from private cars is a major problem in all of France’s major cities, including Nice, where there are frequent ozone alerts. A number...