Saturday, July 20, 2019

Interview: Lionel Le Maux, co-founder of Transition Forum

This June, global influencers in business, government, civil society and startups will come together at the Fairmont Monte Carlo for Transition Forum.

Monaco Better World Forum: actioning sustainability

While Monaco is known for having charity galas, the Monaco Better World Forum took a different approach in Cannes during the Film Festival.

‘Monaco engages’ meetings

In an effort to make a smooth transition from traditional energy forms and usage to a modern approach, the Principality is hosting a series of informational meetings.

Energy transition information sessions

A series of information sessions will be held to inform the public about Monaco's gradual transition to clean energy.

Prince Albert welcomes Amazonian chief

Raoni Metuktire, a Brazilian chieftain who has become the poster boy for rainforest preservation, has made a stop in Monaco as part of his European tour.

Green initiative for Monaco Grand Prix

For the first time, the Monaco Grand Prix will offer reusable and recyclable cups during this year’s Formula One race weekend.

Transition Forum: accelerating solutions to save our planet

A forum aimed at speeding up the world’s transition to clean energy is once again being held in Monaco this June, backed by Prince Albert II.

More progress needed to achieve “clean” maritime transport

Monaco is taking part in an international gathering in London which is focussed on increasing maritime safety and reducing pollution at sea.