Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Prince Albert in Colombia for ocean meeting

In his first official visit to Colombia, Prince Albert spoke during a high-level Reference User Group meeting at Santa Marta, on Monday, March 19, thanking...

Stars’n’Bars leave the 90s behind

On Tuesday, June 13, Monaco’s most recognised sports bar revealed its new logo, which co-founder Kate Powers described as a “necessary modernisation" to more effectively meet...

Journalists visit ‘Simon Stevin’ working on land extension

Built for the Belgian group Jan de Nul, which specialises in dredging and the building of sea embankments, the 192-metre ”Simon Stevin" is the...

Monaco makes solar investment with Monaco Energies Renouvelables

The Company's mission is to seek investment and development opportunities in renewable energy projects abroad.

‘Nothing overboard’ recycle campaign launch

A new programme aimed at reducing pollution at sea has been launched as a combined effort of a French NGO, Clean Holidays, the RAMOGE...

Urgent action needed to save coral reefs from extinction

As part of the Monaco Ocean Week, an event promoting the International Coral Reef Initiative, of which Monaco is co-presiding alongside Australia and Indonesia until 2020, was held on March 26.

Penultimate stage for Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse, the solar-powered aircraft, was due to take off at 04:30 on Monday morning from Seville on the penultimate stage of its round-the-world...

Palace switches to green heating

The Prince’s Palace is now completely heated by biofuel, and Prince Albert II is hoping all Monegasques will follow his example.